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Princess Projectra Comics
Princess Projectra
Projectra announces herself to the Legion
Princess Projectra makes her debut and joins the Legion
Princess Projectra aka Wilimena Morgana Daergina Annaxandra Projectra Velorya Vauxhall
Princess Projectra as Sensor Girl. Drawn by Greg LaRocque and Mike DeCarlo in Legion of Super-Heroes #37.
Karate Kid vows his eternal love to Princess Projectra
Princess Projectra, Dream Girl, Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy Univers Dc, Boîte De
Princess Projectra | by doughnut42 Princess Projectra | by doughnut42
Princess Projectra must pass a harrowing psychological test
Princess Projectra by Tom Burgos Comic Books Art, Comic Art, Book Art, Female
Projectra: Batch SW6
Princess Projectra 2 (Superboy 183)
DC's Legion - Princess Projectra by thejeremydale ...
Princess Projectra helps save the Legion from Mordru
Princess Projectra gets a temporary new uniform
This is as good a place as any to bring up one of my questions about the return of the Legion…� Projectra only became Sensor Girl AFTER the death of ...
Princess Projectra
Princess Projectra, Shrinking Violet & Phantom Girl Comic Art
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... Princess Projectra (1973 Costume) | by doughnut42
Princess Projectra learns why Karate Kid has exiled himself into the past
Karate Kid and Princess Projectra Get Ready for Their Wedding from Legion of Super-Heroes
Notable aliases Queen Projectra, Sensor Girl First appearance as Princess Projectra: Similar Legion of Super‑Heroes, Sensor, Shadow Lass, Nura Nal, ...
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Princess Projectra thinks she is dying, so bequeaths her personal fortune to the Legion
Princess Projectra by Carlo Pagulayan #CarloPagulayan #PrincessProjectra #Jeckie #SensorGirl #Orando #LoSH #LegionofSuperHeroes
... resolve in Projectra's eyes and her intent to kill him which filled him with fear so that he couldn't use his power to make his neck unbreakable.
Projectra (Earth-Prime)
Princess Projectra. Do it right once, you don't need to keep doing it.
Adventure Comics # 347 strict VG 1st Karate Kid, Princess Projectra Part II
[By the way, I was considering several different scenes for her signature moment, but eventually concluded that you the readers have already formed the ...
Princess Projectra: The Nail
Princess Projectra
The Legion's own dead members (and an army of zombies) were rising, and Sensor Girl/Princess Projectra returned temporarily to duty.� As Mordru's zombies ...
Princess Projectra
Princess Projectra/ Sensor Girl
... Princess Projectra (2010 Sensor Girl Costume) | by doughnut42
Karate Kid and Princess Projectra - Legion of Super-Heroes - Thony Silas Comic Art
Adventure Comics Vol 1 #352
Projectra "Jeckie" Wind'zzor / Princess Projectra
Attacking Phantom Girl
... one: ]
Legion of Super Heroes Annual # 2, Karate Kid and Princess Projectra, wedding
All hail Queen Projectra! From Legion v.2 #288 (1982); art by Keith Giffen.
Nemesis is not impressed, quickly evolving a defense against her illusions, but Projectra keeps coming.� He looks into her eye, and something that he sees ...
Superboy (1942 ...
Projectra "Jeckie" Wind'zzor / Princess Projectra
Even asleep, Nasser portrays Projectra in a sensual pose, a look of ecstasy on her face.
Princess Projectra (1971 Costume)
Sensor Girl (original costume)
Princess Projectra of the Silver Age Legion Comic Art
The back-up tale is a solo adventure of Princess Projectra and Karate Kid. Projectra is journeying home for rest and recuperation on her homeworld of Orando ...
... Princess Projectra (1989 Sensor Girl Costume) | by doughnut42
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Legion ...
Princess Projectra mourns for Karate Kid. Comic Art, Comic Books, La Legion,
"Princess Projectra", born to the royal family on medieval planet Orando. As a princess she has a certain political "pull" and must hobnob with the social ...
Princess Projectra, Princess Leia, and Princess (Jun the Swan), pencils and
Superboy, Duo Damsel, Karate Kid and Princess Projectra have gifted him with a Lumna-Organ.
... nasty piece of work with an Atomic Axe and a penchant for decapitation.� Some might be intimidated by a man like this, but Projectra is NOT impressed.
Dc: Adventure Comics #346, 1St App Of Karate Kid/princess Projectra.
Mike Grell Princess Projectra (Legion) Pin-Up Comic Art
Princess Projectra Linda Sejic
71.40 AED
the coronation of princess projectra
Sensor Girl per request. Princess Projectra ...
Princess Projectra gets a Dave Cockrum original
Cover Gallery
... Legion of Super-Heroes (2005-2009) #49
#9: Sensor Girl/Princess Projectra/Sensor
Adventure ...
Andrew Nolan was not out of Jim Shooter's system, no matter how determined the young writer was to leave his creation dead. No soon was Ferro Lad's empty ...
Princess Projectra
Adventure Comics # 346 ~ 1st Karate Kid Ferro Lad Nemesis Kid Princess Projectra
Princess Projectra Sensor Girl Character Comic Vine
Adventure Comics (1938)
congratulating his mom, even though she hasn't been elected yet (and she doesn't expect to be). Colossal Boy's dad warns him that if Marte is elected, ...
Princess Projectra & Karate Kid by Dan Parent Comic Art
But this Princess Projectra stuff? This outfit is not one of the successes. Probably it at least looked lively when Cockrum drew it, but in Mike Grell's ...
You have to figure that dating Karate Kid means more than just knowing the difference between unagi and sashimi…� Projectra's 60's characterization, ...
Panel ...
And even though the new Karate Kid is not romantically linked to the new Princess Projectra, (at least not yet), he is still on this cover (that's him in ...
Superboy (1942 ...
... Princess Projectra (2005 Reboot First Costume) | by doughnut42
... Silver Age (1956-1969):Superhero, Adventure Comics #346 (DC
Sensor Girl | Legion Of Superheroes | Pinterest | Legion of superheroes, Comics and Superhero
... Legion of Super-Heroes (1980) Issue #289 #34 - English 7 ...
(Little doubt who that was meant to be.)
AKA: Projectra Wind'zzor. Wind'zzor... huh. Oh! Because she's royalty, I get it!
... Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes Issue #2 #2 - English ...
Princess Projectra by Nate Stockman Comic Art
Princess Projectra feels guilt about not visiting her parents