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NI Reaktor How to Build a Synth Adding LFO And PWM
NI Reaktor: How to Build a Synth - Adding LFO And PWM
Here, the LFO, which is oscillating between the values of -1 and 1, is being multiplied by another value (from 0 to 24), which controls the depth of the ' ...
As usual, create the Level knob by right-clicking and selecting Create Control. You may notice that it creates a fader instead of a knob.
Repeat this process for both oscillator macros.
NI Reaktor: How To Build A Synth
Sequencer Modules in Reaktor
Subtractive Synth - Part 3 - LFO Vibrato
Drive delivers fat synth sounds, with stacked up oscillators from the Bento Box, Boutique, and NI All-Star Blocks families. Lively stereo modulation comes ...
Part 1 in a multi-part series on how to create a simple synthesizer in Reaktor 5.6. | Reaktor | Pinterest | Native instruments and Instruments
Tutorial maestro Marc Adamo gets deep inside Native Instrument's Massive to create a lush, deep and detailed synth patch in the style of deep tech house ...
BRUTAL8E v1.0.0 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer for NI Reaktor 6
The wavetable list gives Massive's oscillators a large number of sonic starting points.
Monark LFO sync (filter cutoff) tutorial
A 16-step Performer module, with two crossfading modulation sequences.
Grey or not, Monark is one of the more visually distinctive Minimoog impersonators. Although its layout corresponds to the Mini's, there's only a passing ...
Review – Synth Anthology II by UVI
Massive - Native Instruments #synth #electro #music #production #dj https:
Subtractive Synth - Part 13 - detune and course tune
LFO 2 Structure
A rare degree of customisation is available via Monark's rear panel.
REAKTOR Blocks 1.3: Kodiak family
Ambient-centric Scoring and Composition Virtual Instrument - Mac/PC Standalone, VST, AU, DXi, AAX, RTAS
NI Massive: Velocity Sensitive Envelopes
Tips Tricks for Making Bigger NI Massive Bass Synths Tutorial by OhmLab 1
Synth Spotlight: Factory Poly-Synth by Sugar Bytes
The default module order and routing can be varied in the Routing page.
Reaktor Blocks Patching with Rishabh Rajan - Modulated Hard Sync
Native Instruments MASCHINE MK3 Native Instruments KOMPLETE 11 UPG (K SELECT)
Dirty Phaseshaping FmSynth with Resonator and Sequencer
In this tutorial using Native Instruments Massive, I show you guys how to make a very popular sound in the genre of Future Bass and one that's also used by ...
LFO and Ramp Generator
U-He Zebra2 Review
Review – Strobe2 by FXpansion
Spire with Echo Sound Works
See the vintage synths behind the Stranger Things score
Introducing a modular monster synth with an unmistakable analog sound. From France, it's loaded with beau coup features. C'est magnifique!
Review – Sunrizer by BeepStreet
Here's a view of the three oscillators (operators) of the FM Synth with their respective envelopes beneath them in the panel window in reaktor.
Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 17.51.03
There is more than one matrix to work with, but they all work in the same fashion. Along the left side are the components you can choose to connect with ...
AM102 Programmable Wavetable Oscillator for Reaktor Blocks
There's a new synth in town and it will capture your imagination with its spectral synthesis prowess, power and ease of use – but it's not your ...
This macro accepts a value from 0 to 1, and performs a bit of arithmetic, then outputs either a free-floating value from 0.0625 to 64, or a tempo synced ...
XILS-lab brings back a legend from the early days of synthesis – an expensive, hard-to-maintain synth from Moog is resurrected in software.
Final Filter Structure
Arpeggiator and Effects
Hybrid 3 is a synthesizer plug-in that doesn't hold back. It has a modern sound with some powerful options onboard.
There`s some great Reaktor-video tutorials at the London College of Music page.
13 Quantize Warp Mode
09 PWM Warp Mode
OSC 1 Structure
Parawave Audio Rapid Synthesizer Review
On the Edit page, you're able to adjust the pitch and stereo settings of the main oscillator and the sub-osc. The “Octave” setting has a range of three ...
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AudioIn Mode
Decayed Synthesizer
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... well as a new decay envelope that saves you from using an external one (but you still can) – if you just want a creative drum synth in eurorack format.
In this exclusive video tutorial by Jonny Strinati we're taking a look at how to make a lush techno chord. Although the sound design of this sound is a big ...
If you've been thinking about picking up a Rob Papen synth but haven't been able to decide on one, Blue II would make an excellent choice.
1750 Presets : Native Instruments Bundle
Reaktor 5 - Classic Instruments Guide | Synthesizer | Equalization (Audio)
contortDistort Metaphysical Fabrications FOR NI REAKTOR Free
6part drumcomputer
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In this latest version of XILS 4 there is a new alternative browser. Along the top, it has menus similar to the toolbar menu. Each of these will drop down ...
It's an additive synth, but it approaches additive synthesis in a vastly different way that say, Harmor or that other well-known additive synth that went ...
From the screenshot above, we created quite a basic LFO similarly made in our subtractive synthesiser, however, we opted to create an input for a Tempo Sync ...
Clavia Nord Lead with Reaktor 4 Panel
Software Editors
What Is It?
I hope this is of interest,
this is like a prophet 08 / rev with sync-OSCs plus 2 samples oscs – sample import via USB memory stick slot – 2 stereo outputs – 4 ADSR envs, 4 LFOs, ...
Amazing Machines AM102 Programmable Wavetable Oscillator v1.0 REAKTOR BLOCKS
Filters, Envelopes, and LFOs
Filters, Envelopes and LFOs
Syn'X 2 is an eight-layer monster synthesizer plugin which emulates the classic Synthex. With its great filters and modulation options, this is one powerful ...
The XILS 4 sequencer can use up to six tracks (two per layer) and can be synced to the host. Notes are added with a left click and removed with the right ...
Review – Oberheim SEM V by Arturia
The Oscillator Section
Native Instruments PolyPlex